Trashbone Races, where its not speed that wins, but value. Each vehicle will have 1 hour to go find valueable loot in the dumpsters. The loot will be judged and the winner delared! Winner takes all! Our idea is to have a day of it as often as participation allows with free food and live music to go along with it. We are looking for:

A) Racers

B) Judges

C) Spectators

So whether you want to participate in the dumpster, on the judging table or just come for the party, we welcome you!



Sunday afternoons. Frequency depends on participation. Event starts around noon and goes till about 5. Show up just for your race, or stay for the entire day its all good.



Trashbone Headquarters. The starting line and finish line are here at the Trashbone Warehouse. Nowhere is off limits for the racers.



Rules are simple, the 3 golden rules are always the way we play:

1) Dont make a mess

2) Dont break the law

3) Dont be rude to anyone

Logistically the rules are: you must have a vehicle. How ever many people you take with you must return with you. Any equipment you take you must return with. Cameras gotta be rolling the entire time. Anyone caught cheating will be automatically banned for life.